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Thank you for lending me a few moments of your time in regards to our professional tree services.

​Timberworx Tree Experts provides the finest tree service and  tree removal in Utah. For over 30 years landscapers,property management companies,contractors,and homeowners from Ogden, Provo and the entire Salt Lake Valley have sought out Timberworx to provide any and all tree services. Large Tree Removal is our specialty, we also provide other services such as tree trimming and stump removal,but like we say “No job too small, No tree too Tall.”Timberworx is a fully licensed and insured company,there is also a certified arborist on staff  to provide educated information for any services that we at Timberworx provide.24/7 emergency service is also available if needed.


We will be happy to come out and give a free estimate for any tree services you might need need. Contact us today to find more about Timberworx and how we can be of superior service to help your trees with their needs!  801-484-6237

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