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We pride ourselves in the best customer service and results in the industry. The leading tree company in referrals in the entire valley. When in need of professional Tree Removal make sure you have a professional licensed aborist and hire us Timberworx.

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Emergency Tree Service

We provide 24/7 emergency tree service & removals from throughout the Salt Lake Valley. Call us today 801-484-6237. The hours after wind storms, tornadoes or even a good frozen rain are a time when we really have to hustle! We understand that the inconvenience of a tree emergency is hard enough on our customers, so we are happy to suspend our regularly scheduled jobs to help those with sudden and pressing situations. We have thirty years in the industry and we have seen it all in our time. Whether the situation is an uprooted tree, large fallen branch or a fallen tree that has resulted in property damage, Timberworx Tree & Landscaping has the knowledge and equipment to handle any tree emergency as quickly as quality and safety will allow. Our certified arborists are specially trained to handle these situations without further hazard or damage to your property. In any emergency, give us a shout and we'll check it out.


Pruning is much more than the simple act of sawing off limbs and should be a regular part of all tree and shrub maintenance programs. Proper pruning encourages strong growth, increases flower and fruit production, improves plant health, and removes damaged limbs, all which give aesthetic appeal to a tree. Pruning at the right time and in the right way is critical, since it is possible to kill a healthy tree through neglect or over-pruning. Essentially, pruning should enhance the trees natural shape.


Is an unsightly tree stump ruining the look of your carefully planned landscape? Left alone, a tree stump can take years to decompose. But with stump removal services from Timberworx L.L.C., the healthy, vibrant look of your landscape can be restored quickly and efficiently.


Is a tree in your yard dead or dying? Standing in the way of new construction? Creating a safety hazard? Although tree removal should be a last resort, sometimes it's the only viable solution to a major problem. And when you need fast, professional tree removal service in Utah Timberworx can help.


Adding a new tree to your yard is a great way to spruce up your property, but there are many other benefits as well. At Timberworx we offer tree planting services so you can be assured your tree will stay strong and healthy for many years. Trees are not only beautiful to look at, but they also add significant environmental value to the world around you. Trees remove carbon dioxide from the air as they grow, which is a huge benefit.


Maintaining the trees on your property can be a lot of work! That’s why we at Timberworx Tree & Landscaping provide quality tree trimming services, so you won’t get stuck with the hard work. We have years of experience in the field and we know how to maintain trees and shrubs with the best care. Although it may not be obvious to many, it’s essential to keep your trees trimmed and pruned in order to maintain the health, function and beauty of your plants. Get in touch with us today for a free quotation for trimming and pruning on your property.


Besides adding a beautiful visual to your home, trees can do a lot for your property. When properly maintained, they can add significant value to your home, and their shade can minimize your heating and cooling expense. In addition to our general tree care services, Timberworx Tree Service also offers other services to keep your property in pristine shape, like: Land grading/clearing Stump Removal Beautification Storm/branch removal Whether you need tree trimming or removal in Utah, we can inject new life into your property in a jiffy. Timberworx can help keep residential and commercial properties in the entire Wasatch front and surrounding areas looking beautiful year-round. Just call us at (801) 484-6237 for your free tree care service estimate.

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