We'll Remove Unwanted Stumps From Your Yard

Our team offers stump grinding in Salt Lake City, UT

Timberworx Tree & Landscaping has over 25+ years of experience and provides quality stump grinding services. We offer stump grinding in Salt Lake City, UT. Not only is stump removal ideal for increasing your home's curb appeal, but it also eliminates safety risks. Our team can remove stumps up to 36 inches below the ground. When you need stump removal services, rely on our experienced team of tree experts.

The stump removal process

Stumps are serious eyesores. To keep your property looking clean and manicured, we provide stump removal services. We follow a specific process for every removal:

First, we will position the grinder over the stump
Next, we will grind down the stump
Lastly, we will haul away the remaining chips

If our team can't reach a stump because it's in a difficult location, we will use a commercial-grade chemical solution to remove the stump. Call our team today to get stump grinding services.