Get 24-Hour Emergency Tree Removal Services

Count on our team for tree removal services in Salt Lake City, UT

Did a storm knock over a massive tree in your backyard? Don't panic. Timberworx Tree & Landscaping can help. We offer tree removal services in Salt Lake City, UT. Large trees can be dangerous for your children and pets to play around. We recommend getting our tree removal services to safely and efficiently remove the tree.

If you need immediate services, we also provide 24-hour emergency tree removal services 7 days a week. Whether a tree fell on your home or is blocking your entrance, rely on our team to remove it carefully.

3 signs you need tree removal services

After a tree falls, it's crucial that you remove it as soon as possible to avoid any risks. Some trees may still be standing tall but pose a threat to your home and family. Here are three signs you need emergency tree removal:

  1. The Tree Roots Are Affecting Your Foundation. One sign that you need to have a tree removed is if the roots of the tree have come in contact with the foundation of your home.
  2. The Tree Is Dying. This is a health problem.
  3. The Trunk Is Leaning.
If you've noticed any of these issues with the trees in your yard, call our team immediately for tree removal services.